Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

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This shark obviously gets its common name from the stripes on its side. The spots and lines they have when they are young, turn into stripes when they get older. When they get over 12 feet however, the stripes tend to fade on some animals, but there is still no mistaking this large, bulky predator. It has a massive head, blunt snout and large dark eyes. It also has a very large mouth and in females, their entire body can be so large and bulky they almost always look pregnant.

These sharks are global, found in the tropical and temperate areas of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacfic Oceans. We have seen these sharks in deep and very shallow water during all hours of the day. Its diet is probably the most varied of all sharks, eating anything from bony fishes, turtles, birds, and crustaceans to garbage.

Generally, they are quite timid around divers, staying off in the distance only coming in when he or she has had time to get comfortable with a situation. Once comfortable they can be very confident, checking out divers very close up! They are inquisitive but never aggressive, they remain calm, but they demand the respect they deserve when encountered on a dive. If you are lucky enough to encounter a Tiger Shark you are almost guaranteed to have a story that will amaze divers and non-divers alike!

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