Thresher Shark

Thresher Shark

Things to do - general

The Thresher shark’s long tail, which can reach lengths of several meters, is used for hunting. Much like a swordfish’s bill, the tail is whipped side to side to stun or kill prey, making it particularly easy to capture. This behaviour has only been observed a few times and filmed even fewer.

Thresher Sharks sightings are really something special and not something many people can say they have experienced. They are super shy so slow movements and not going towards the shark is important, best thing to do is wait for it to pass you when/if it is comfortable. In the Red Sea Threshers are encountered more regularly in late September to February at sites like Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone.

This shark is considered to be vulnerable to extinction. Populations around the world are declining, and scientists believe that unless negative trends are addressed soon, this species may be in trouble. It is fished throughout its range and is afforded very little legal protection wherever it lives.

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