Silvertip Shark

Silvertip Shark

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Found in the tropical Indo-Pacific Oceans the Silvertip Shark is given its name due to the white tips and borders on all its fins.

They are a large shark and dark grey, sometimes bronze-tinged from above and white below. They grow to a maximum length of around 3 meters. Silvertips are often confused with the Grey Reef Shark; however, the Grey Reef Shark has dark tips on the pectoral fins and trailing edge of the caudal fin which the Silvertip does not.

Encounters with Silvertips are usually at distance, but on occasion, particularly on baited dives they have been known to come close to divers and give them an awesome experience.

These are slow-growing sharks, and remote populations are likely to be highly vulnerable to target fisheries for meat or fins.

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