Silky Shark

Silky Shark

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The Silky Shark is a large pelagic shark of tropical and warm temperate seas, it gets its name from the smooth and silky texture of its skin. Although usually pelagic, it sometimes approaches the coast, especially at remote offshore islands. The maximum size that the Silky sharks grow to is 3.3 metres, however, their average length is usually no more than 2.4 metres.

Encounters with Silkies are usually at a distance but not always. They are not shy and will approach divers if they feel comfortable or inquisitive, this can mean you can get some great photo opportunities!

Silky Shark is one of the three most traded shark species in the global shark fin trade. They are also among the most common by-catch species in the tuna fishing process and are one of the most common sources of cleaned and dried shark jaws sold to tourists in tropical countries.

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