Ragged Tooth Shark

Ragged Tooth Shark

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The Ragged Tooth Shark is also known as the Sand Tiger Shark or the Grey Nurse Shark. The Raggie has a stocky body and reaches a length of just over two metres, with the female being slightly larger than the male. They weigh between 90 and 160 kilograms when mature. The top of the body (the dorsal side) is a grey-bronze colour, while the underneath is a much lighter variation thereof. They also have a rather hunched appearance with a sharp, pointy nose or snout.

Ragged Tooth Sharks are mainly seen whilst scuba diving on the reefs of Aliwal Shoal in South Africa. The Ragged Tooth Sharks offer some great photo opportunities as you can get up close and personal with these amazing animals as long as you move slowly as not to scare them away.

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