Olive Sea Snake

Olive Sea Snake

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A true Sea Snake, the Olive Sea Snake gets its name after its olive coloured skin. While this species of sea snake spends its whole life in the ocean it still must come to the surface to breath air. While they can grow to over 2m, they are most commonly found at 2m in length.

Their venom is very toxic and extremely effective at disabling prey, it is fast acting and this allows the sea snake to consume its prey while it is still fresh. They normally hunt fish, prawns and crabs, they normally hunt at night and are only seen during the day when going to the surface for breaths. They can hold their breath for an impressive two hours!

An encounter with a Olive Sea Snake is an awesome experience. They are curious and may approach divers, they are not aggressive but purely inquisitive. This leads to some fantastic photo opportunities and an experience you will never forget!

Olive Sea Snakes are at threat from being caught as bycatch, particularly from trawlers. Fishermen may kill the sea snake by hitting it on the head while still in the net than risking a bite by trying to free the animal.

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