Manta Ray

Manta Ray

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Manta, proportionally, the largest brain of any fish, and we truly believe that you can see evidence of this when you look into their eyes during a close up ‘moment’ with these creatures. There are two species of Manta which differ in appearance and preferred habitat, they are the Giant Oceanic Manta and Reef Manta.

The larger species is the Giant Oceanic Manta which can grow to 7 meters from tip to tip of its wings, but individuals are more frequently seen at a size of around 4 – 5 meters. The smaller is the Reef Manta, they can grow to 5 meters but are generally 3 – 4 meters. They are believed to live up to 50 years and they take ten years to reach sexual maturity. Being a plankton feeder the Manta glides through the water and uses its protruding flaps on each side of their head to direct food into its mouth.

The highlight of some dive sites can be their Manta cleaning stations; which are spots on the reef that they visit in order to be cleaned of parasites by small reef fish. The cleaning stations give divers a chance to observe these beauties close up for extended periods of time; an unforgettable experience.

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