Macro life in the Komodo National Park

Macro life in the Komodo National Park

Things to do - general

The macro marine life in Komodo National Park is outstanding and photographers will be very happy!

Some of the mentionable life includes:

  • Pygmy Seahorses
  • Anglerfish
  • Frogfish
  • Many different nudibranchs
  • Thorny seahorses
  • Mimic octopus
  • Zebra crabs
  • Harlequin shrimp
  • Scorpion fish
  • Leaf fish
  • Ghost pipefish
  • Long nose hawk fish
  • Pink squat lobsters
  • Hairy frogfish
  • Bobtail squid
  • Skeleton shrimp
  • Pegasus sea moths
  • Pygmy cuttlefish
  • Mantis shrimp
  • Epaulette sharks
  • Lady bugs

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