Macro life in Raja Ampat

Macro life in Raja Ampat

Things to do - general

The macro marine life in Raja Ampat is outstanding and photographers will be very happy!

Some of the mentionable life includes:

  • Mimic Octopus
  • Wonderpus
  • Snake Eels
  • Gragonets
  • Flasher Wrasse
  • Solar Powered Nudibranchs
  • Ornate & Robust Ghost Pipefish
  • Pygmy seahorses
  • Peacock mantis shrimp
  • Juvenile convict fish
  • Orangutan crabs
  • Shiny lobsters
  • Jaw fish
  • Harlequin shrimp
  • Scribbled filefish
  • Flatworms
  • Skeleton shrimp

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