Great White Shark

Great White Shark

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The Great White Shark is legendary among divers and non-divers alike. As the worlds largest predatory fish and star of many horror movies this species has been incorrectly given a bad reputation; the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. As conservation efforts, scientific research and public awareness grow for sharks in general, the image of ‘a mindless killer’ is slowly disappearing. You will be in absolute awe as you experience these huge predators move through the water with such grace and elegance. They give you goosebumps as they cruise past, not because you are scared, but because you are falling in love with this misunderstood super predator.

Great White Sharks get referred to by a few names around the world such as: White Pointer, White Shark and Great White. Great White Sharks can grow to an immense 6m in length, but most will be 3m-5m. It’s not the length that will strike you about these animals, it’s their girth; these sharks are built to perfection. They have grey upper bodies and white underbellies, which is where their name originally came from. Due to their torpedo shaped body this huge predator is fast, agile and with a powerful tail they can propel themselves along at considerable speed. They can even breach the surface when hunting, known as a Polaris breach.

Great White Sharks are said to be found is cooler coastal waters around the world. Unfortunately, their numbers are a real concern, with little data on populations available. They are particularly at threat from overfishing, bycatch, trophy hunting and targeting for their fins.

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