Great Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead Shark

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A very large hammerhead, unlike the smaller bonnet head and scalloped hammerhead, this magnificent and powerful predator can reach lengths of up to 18 feet. They can be found from shallow waters to the open ocean.

They feed on a variety of bony fish, small sharks but have a distinct liking for stingrays. Some sharks have been found with several stingray barbs in their mouth. This species seems to be a solitary animal, rarely seen with another, although we are fortunate to have seen as many as five at one time. Besides their size, the way to tell a great hammerhead from any other hammerhead is its extremely large sickle-shaped dorsal fin. These are some of the most beautiful, prehistoric sharks in the ocean and an adventurer should feel privileged to see them. It is not uncommon to see great hammerheads swimming across the sand or reef, sometimes in shallow areas.

Generally Great Hammerheads are more confident than the smaller Scalloped Hammerheads who are usually shy. This means they may approach close to diver, really close! Encounters with Great Hammerheads will probably stay with you forever, they can be calming and may also get your heart racing!

Great hammerheads like many shark species, vulnerable to overfishing. They are caught accidently and commercially targeted for their fins, they are particularly susceptible to longline, bottom trawl, gillnet and hook-and-line fisheries. Great hammerheads are particularly threatened by the global shark fin trade because of the large size of their fins.

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