Caribbean Reef Shark

Caribbean Reef Shark

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The Caribbean reef shark is the shark most people envision when you say the word shark. A common shark found in healthy reef environments and that can sometimes be found offshore. It can grow to about 9 feet but usually averages in lengths of 4-6 feet. It is found throughout the Caribbean including Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. These sharks eat a variety of bony fishes.

Caribbean Reef Sharks are powerful and impressive predators, they are easy to identify with their round, blunt snout. Their bodies can vary from slender to heavy set depending on size and body colour ranges from pale to middle grey with white underbellies. They are smooth, sleek sharks that are amazingly agile and beautiful to watch.

Encounters are common on baited shark dives in areas the inhabit. They are generally not shy and will approach divers closely which can make for great encounters and photo opportunities! They will however move away quickly if any erratic movement is made or if divers ‘chase’ them, as with most shark interactions the best way to have an epic encounter is to relax and let the shark come to you!

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