Bull Shark

Bull Shark

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The Bull Shark is a very bulky, massively built shark with a blunt round snout, small eyes and no real conspicuous fin or body markings. They have an extremely large girth, not at all sleek looking like many other sharks. Bull sharks live in tropical coastal seas around the planet but they can also move into freshwater, in particular they are found in large, coastal rivers and lakes. They can travel far upriver in some places such as the Zambezi River. It is thought they give birth in freshwater as it is a safer area for their young.

Thought to be extremely aggressive, you will find as a scuba diver, that they tend to stay pretty far away from you at most times. On occasion, one may get curious and come in for a closer look, but rarely. Encounters are beautiful and baited dives can be exciting, Bull Sharks tend to just get on with their business and totally ignore divers!

Bull Sharks are at threat of bycatch, but they are also being targeted for their fins. They also suffer from damaging Shark Culling operations that are meant to promote the safety of beachgoers and tourists. Shark culling has been proven as ineffective and extremely damaging to marine life, the practice is frowned upon by conservationists and scientists alike. The Bull Shark is considered as ‘near threatened with extinction’.

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