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The Galapagos Islands consist of 13 larger ‘main’ islands and around 6 smaller islands. The islands of Galapagos are Ecuadorian and are around 1000km off its coast in the Pacific Ocean. World famous for its diverse wildlife like Marine Iguana, Giant Tortoises, Sealions and bird species that where all studied by Charles Darwin.

For divers it’s not just the life on land that is incredible and diverse, the marine species of the Galapagos are considered by some as unparalleled. Due to the convergence of different currents it allows both cold water and warm water species to exist in this marine paradise. Huge schools of fish, Whale Sharks, Manta, Mola Mola, schooling Hammerheads and so much more! Dive sites include the world-famous Darwin and Wolf which some consider as two of the best dive sites on the planet!

There are two seasons in the Galapagos, the wet and hot season and the dry and cool season. The wet and hot season runs from December to May and will generally have showers, but the day time will mostly still be sunny. The dry and cools season runs from June through November and may have calmer seas.

Average air temperature

21 ℃ – 32 ℃

Average water temperature

20 ℃ – 24 ℃

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